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Kara no Kyoukai

In perhaps what is a first of this site, Sorrow-kun reviews the compilation of all seven Kara no Kyoukai movies.  The project is ufotable‘s masterpiece, and it is worth a watch if only to bask in overall excellent directing. Also, I review the obscure Zegapain which is only worth watching if you are a hardcore […]

The Normalization of Perversion

A year ago, I looked at the more hardcore moe titles with shock and horror due to its naked display of misogyny and spoon-fed pandering.  These days such seemingly extreme behavior has normalized to a point where something like Fight! Ippatsu! Juuden-chan! stops being outright disgusting and becomes somewhat fascinating.  Though I could not get […]

Battle Atrocities

You’d think that stories involving heavy conflict are capable of delivering some decent action and good drama, but sometimes, it just falls short as Sorrow-kun observes in the Valkyria Chronicles anime adaptation.  And sometimes, it just completely splatters as Fuu ruefully notes in his review of the fanservice-y Kämpfer.

Farewell to two of our longest serving reviewers

Seven has “quit” more times than I can count, but I can’t remember that we’ve ever given him the homage he deserves.  This was Seven‘s site originally, back before it was even AMGReviews.  His idea wasn’t exactly revolutionary at the time, ie, that a bunch of anime nerds could get together and write reviews on […]

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