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Fantasy epics

Another look at a series which has just finished, this time, Spice and Wolf II, which I thought was good, but not quite as good as the original.  Shadowmage also looks at the extremely well animated movie, Steamboy, which he thought doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Two Strong Women

Today we present to you two anime that function largely around their title girls.  AC introduces Ogata Rin from Madhouse’s Rideback and Sorrow-kun presents Katsura Hinagiku from Hinagiku no Gotoku! The first tells a tale about college students, governments and mecha. The second follows the misadventures of a school council president who tragically cannot extricate […]

Two disasters…

…in more ways than one. While Ascaloth’s review of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 does cover a disaster scenario, his mention of the plotquake helps calibrate my expectations once I reach that point in the series so that I don’t get too excited once the hammer falls (or the shark jumps). Fuu’s review of the live-action movie […]

An abominable summer

There are times when I sit back on my leather armchair and watch the RAGE train with amusement, and there are times when I leap on board with shotgun in hand.  Endless Summer is something that should have pushed me far into the latter, but eight iterations of the same thing has left half my […]

An “almost” great yuri anime

Today Akira reviews the brand new yuri anime Aoi Hana, and says that it’s “almost” great, but is in dire need of a real ending.  I’ve also reviewed the sci-fi, alternate-history heist anime The Daughter of Twenty Faces, which starts off great, but becomes disappointing towards the end.

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