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A dose of suspense

AC‘s been busy as usual, today serving up reviews of a couple of rather suspenseful titles.  The first is the slightly deceptive cyberpunk title, Ergo Proxy, while the second is the latest instalment of the ongoing live action trilogy based on Urasawa Naoki‘s great manga, 20th Century Boys 2.

A light touch of laughs and love

We at The Nihon Review do critical reviews of all media Japanese. Does that make us stiff-necked critics? Perhaps so in many cases, but even the stiffest of us are human enough to enjoy the light fluffy stuff every now and then. We can’t live on a diet of critical masterpieces after all; sometimes it’s […]

Life at a slower pace

Life is tough when you run into aliens while out in deep space, which makes the slower times feel all the more precious.  According to Kavik Ryx, getting a chance to see the crew of the Macross 7 catch a moment to relax in Macross 7 Encore made for an enjoyable experience because the crew’s […]

More “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” inspired anime

Today’s reviews contain yet another anime with close ties to Legend of the Galactic Heroes, with Kavik Ryx taking a look at an anime based on the work of the same author in Tytania.  Unfortunately for him, this series turned out to be a disappointment.  AC, on the other hand, found nothing disappointing about mobile […]

An art film and a Gonzo drama

I am a person who enjoys anime as a spectacle more than anything else.  I sit back and ask a show or movie to impress me. If it does, great, I’ve enjoyed the time that I’ve invested and possibly gained some greater insight of life.  If it doesn’t, I’ll eviscerate it and drag it by […]

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