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Two high profile anime

Not more than a few days after each of these titles have finished their official TV runs, we have reviews of what are probably the two most talked about anime of the current season: K-On! and Eden of the East.  While there are some interesting comparisons between these two series (such as how they both […]

Legendary anime and a decent dance flick

I suppose it was only matter of time until one of us actually reviewed the much touted Legend of the Galactic Heroes. According to Kavik Ryx, the show lives up to the hype… and then some. Also, Ascaloth reviews a more recent live action film by the name of Dance! Subaru.

A cavalcade of clichés

At least, that’s one of many issues which plague the shows that are the subject of our latest reviews. Shadowmage comments on how Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry’s use of Sunrise’s techniques require a bit of touching up to be more than an average series while Fuu’s review of the live-action movie The Handsome Suit notes […]

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