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To the box-office ahoy!

What does one do with a TV franchise that has proven itself to be highly popular? One milks it for all it is worth by turning it into a movie, of course! Though the limitations of the movie format usually means that creative adjustments tend to be inevitable, such is probably the last thing on […]

Our worst kept secret

This is probably fairly old news now, but we have a new reviewer in our ranks, zeroxhour.  Here’s her first review for our humble site in what will hopefully be many: Toradora!.  Kavik Ryx also goes old school (familiar territory for him) with the original Birdy the Mighty OVA series.

The Mecha Genre: from childhood to puberty

Once upon a time, the mecha genre was not filled with whiny, angst filled protagonists.  It was filled with rosy cheeked boys who were about to be smacked with a dose of reality.  Though such shows would hold relatively little appeal to today’s audience, there are gems among these shows as Kavik Ryx explains with […]

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