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The Theme is Music

For years Madhouse has been releasing quality television shows; Sorrow-kun reports on what they can do with the movie medium with Piano no Mori. Also, zzeroparticle keeps the Soundtracks section a step ahead of the axe with his Natsume Yuujinchou Original Soundtrack review.

A Couple of Selections From Fall 2008

The Fall Season of 2008 in anime was a time when a great number of highly anticipated series started their broadcast, amongst which are sequels and remakes of established works. While quite a few of these, like Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~ and ef ~a tale of melodies~ turned out to be disappointing, the sheer volume […]

Death metal parody

We’re pushing the volume knob up to “eleven” today with our two latest reviews (which coincidentally is the sum of their ratings).  AC has a look at the live action Detroit Metal City movie, but decides that the anime and manga were slightly better, while I review Minami-ke: Okawari, which wasn’t anywhere near as funny […]

Shinbo and Fan-service

Though I do appreciate genius, I’m honestly growing somewhat weary of Shinbo‘s style due to sheer redundancy of some of his conventions. So, in order to keep the magic of his show’s alive, I’ve decided to drip-feed myself his works at the rate of 1 episode a month, which means that I’ll finish the latest […]

Two more anime reviews

Before you start thinking that all we review is fanservice anime… Kavik Ryx has a look at Tomino‘s turn at an action comedy with Overman King Gainer, while AC didn’t mind the new addition to the Rumbling Hearts franchise, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~.

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