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Forgettable anime

A couple of series that ended up being less than impressive.  Godai thought Sekirei could have been more, but is keen to see a sequel (if one ever comes out), while I’m doubtful there ever will be a sequel for Earl and Fairy, given its limited appeal.  Enjoy.

Some shows to skip

Today Godai reviews two anime that appeals to its niche audience and no one else: Amaenaideyo! Katsu! and the unwatchable Koi Koi Seven.

Great animation….

….is merely a complement, and in no way a substitute, for truly compelling plot and/or character drama. Today, Kavik Ryx makes a contrast between Macross Plus and Flag, showing just how massive budgets on the visual/audio component can either be wasted on a poor story, or give additional value to an excellent one.

New school

And now for a couple of reviews of anime in changing times.  “Changing times” is a big theme in Kurozuka, according to AC, but Xam’d: Lost Memories is a much more relevant example of how times are changing, even when it comes to anime, being the first anime series to be distributed over the a […]

Old school

Our two resident old school experts take a look at some series from years gone by.  Godai looks to the recent past, and says that Amaenaideyo! is decent… for a fanservice anime, while Kavik Ryx looks right back to the 80s at the conclusion to the Megazone 23 franchise, Megazone 23 Part III.

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