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Harem and Chaos

Today we bring you a review of the exceptionally well done harem-esque anime Kannagi and the highly disappointing paranoia train-wreck Chaos;Head.  If I knew the latter show would fail this badly, I would’ve vehemently fought for the inclusion of Detroit Metal City in our 2008: A Year in Review in its stead.

A “7” for Macross 7

Today Kavik Ryx uses video game analogies to describe his opinions of Macross 7 and Megazone 23 Part II.  Enjoy.

A New Season

With a new year comes a new stream of anime, and while I’m only psyched about the newest Hajime no Ippo, my initial impressions on the first episodes of Akikan!, Maria†Holic, and Kurokami are generally positive, and I look forward to another season despite how lukewarm the last few were. A new year also means […]

2008: A Year in Review

The annual tradition continues as we yet again take a look back at the titles that defined the year with our 2008: A Year in Review article.  I have a feeling it’ll be noticed not so much for the titles we included but for the titles that missed out on the list.  And, even though […]

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