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The sequel is never better

Although anime does have a funny knack of bucking this trend; I can think of quite a few anime series that have sequels which are better than the original.  Unfortunately, Ascaloth says that’s not the case this time with Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~.  zzeroparticle also pitches in with a look at a funny parody of […]

Merry Christmas!

I’m as atheist as they come, but I like the idea of Christmas.  It’s a time to be with family and loved ones, and share gifts to show that you care.  And thinks about what it’s doing for the economy. Anyway, here’s our Christmas present to you: two new reviews.  Allison & Lillia and the […]

Happy Holidays!

All of us at the Nihon Review would like to wish our readers a happy holiday season. Enjoy the festivities and be sure to count your blessings since no matter how crummy your presents turn out to be, you don’t have it quite as bad as Ayasaki Hayate.  Be sure to check out why with […]


In a look to the past, Kavik Ryx reviews a mouthful, with The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flashback 2012, while AC looks at the slightly more recent but no less mediocre Innocent Venus.

Anime movies, new and old

In this edition of The Nihon Review (sorry, couldn’t help myself :P), Kavik Ryx goes both back and forward in time to scream “Deculture!” at The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, while The Sky Crawlers wasn’t quite as good as AC was expecting.  Enjoy.

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