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Our reviewers have secrets

Today our reviewers let on a little more than I think they’re comfortable admitting.  Kavik Ryx indicates, in his Macross Frontier review, that he needs to get a new computer.  While Akira tells to world that he’s a Lucky Star fanboy… wait, that’s no secret.  Anyway, here’s his review of the recently released Lucky Star […]

Soundtracks, dead?

Not on zzeroparticle‘s watch.  For the first time in ages, we have a new addition to the Soundtracks section, thanks to our newest reviewer: Kurenai Original Sound Track.  We also have a couple of reviews of anime just finished.  Shadowmage pans the latest disappointment of the Zero no Tsukaima franchise, Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Different works have differing amounts of literary value; that’s a fact of life. And here at the Nihon Review, our team of reviewers give you our regular recommendations of what’s worth watching, what’s less so, and what simply should go on the backburner if it appears on the agenda at all. Of course, there are […]

An old classic

For some people, Takashi Rumiko‘s Ranma ½ evokes fond memories of their early days as anime fans. Though I’ve read the manga relatively late in my fandom, even I have a soft spot for the franchise due to its charm. Today we have a review of the original anime series Ranma ½ and a spin-off […]

A second opinion

The controversial Kodomo no Jikan gets a second review today, and we also have a review of the epic finale to the GaoGaiGar franchise, GaoGaiGar Final.  Enjoy.

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