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A bit of nostalgia

The Ah! Megami-sama franchise was one of the earlier anime experiences I had way back when shounen action was the only branch of anime I really watched. Perhaps it was the innocence or the sheer novelty of the series (in my untrained eye), but something clicked, and enjoyed reading the series at my local comic […]

Welcome, zzeroparticle

A new reviewer graces our staff, the very talented and enthusiastic zzeroparticle. Naturally, we’re really happy to have zzeroparticle join the staff, and his first contribution to our site, a review of Kamichu!, is well worth checking out. We also have a review of the less-than-impressive Green Green. Stop by the forum and leave zzeroparticle […]

Another batch

For today’s reviews, Godai brings us another take of Rune Soldier, and Genkisakura delivers once again with Love on Sunday.

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