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A “touch” of baseball

Yuck.  Ok, ignore that awful post title, but feel free to enjoy these interesting reviews from Godai (who’s staking a claim as our resident old-school anime romance expert) of Touch and Touch: Miss Lonely Yesterday.

I had no idea these works even existed….

….but hey, that’s what the Nihon Review is all about, bringing to your attention works which would otherwise have been lost to memory. If not for the effort our intrepid team of writers put into their thankless task, would you have even known about, much less considered watching, these brilliant (and not-so-brilliant) gems from the […]

An alternative opinion

Here’s an opinion that’s slightly against the grain, a second review of Crest of the Stars.  We also have a review of the recently completed Madhouse anime (who almost always tend to make good anime), Kaiba.

Some worthwhile anime

In an era where moé anime are a dime a dozen, it’s hard for a show to distinguish itself without doing something ridiculously drastic. Whether it’s a gratuitous display of cleavage or a gallery of loli panty shots, shows seem to have branched far and wide in search of a niche. Today, I review a […]

A classic

Here’s a review of an absolute classic anime rom-com, Kimagure Orange Road.  We also have a review of a sequel of a live action romance film recently reviewed: Love on Sunday 2: Last Words.  Enjoy.

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