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A tough anime to review

That’s exactly what ARIA The Origination, the last entry into the charming ARIA franchise, is.  Hell, even the rating gave me headaches.  AC also has a review of the ultra-violent Sword of the Stranger and, yes, I’m sure the rating for that gave him headaches too.

Return of the Reviewers

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some of our reviewers (even in our staff lounge). So imagine our surprise when Genkisakura graced us with Proposal Daisakusen and Godai showed up with Negima!

Many thanks, dheu

A chapter in our site’s history has come to a close with the resignation of one of our greatest contributors, dheu.  dheu has done so much for our site, particularly in the less mainstream review sections of Music and Live Action, and her tireless efforts as a writer and an editor for the site have […]

Nothing to see here folks… except the reviews

Today, Godai makes his reappearance with an Ai Yori Aoshi review, and Sorrow-kun reviews the recently finished Da Capo II Second Season. Both really aren’t worth seeing, but take a look at the reviews to see if they are somehow in your niche.

A bit of a change

We’re trialing some new forum software, and are now running Simple Machines Forum. You can access the new forum here. If you had an account with the old forums, you should be able to use it with the new one, otherwise, you can always sign up a new account. We’ll be experimenting with new themes […]

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