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Two Thumbs up (plus mine)

Though 2008 has been far from the best year, there still are gems to be found, and two of our reviewers have written reviews on one of especially brilliant specimens. Here are Sorrow-kun‘s take on Kure-nai and Akira‘s take as well.

An underappreciated epic

That’s what Toward the Terra is, according the Shadowmage.  I might have to check this anime out.  When Shadowmage touts an anime like this, it’s typically worth watching.  I mean, he wasn’t wrong about Dennou Coil.

Shinbo Akiyuki

When it comes to handing out praises, I’m usually an old fashioned type of guy. I’d rather take the old fashioned dish of excellent stories and memorable characterization than some panache attempt to be avant-garde. Then comes someone like Shinbo Akiyuki who manage to break out of any known mold. Though he has pretty much […]

Epic mecha and fluffy romance

That’s what we have today, with a review of the epic GaoGaiGar and forgettable Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy.  Enjoy.

The obscure and the “old”

Unless you go out of your way to watch obscure anime, Ōkiku Furikabutte has likely fallen out of your radar. It seems that royal crown has high opinions of it, so take a look at his review to see if it’s right for you as well. Also, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing Tenjho Tenge.

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