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So the new Gundam wasn’t so bad after all…

This is breaking news for me, but I’m sure people who followed the series realized this a while ago.  Nonetheless, this is Shadowmage‘s account of events: Mobile Suit Gundam 00.  Enjoy.

Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love!

With the end of the spring season comes an abundance of sunshine, romance and complete anime.  TIF reviews the recently finshed Kimikiss: pure rouge and AC does a half-step time warp and reviews Paradise Kiss.

While we’re reviewing popular series

Here’s Clannad. Only this time we’re the first to review the full series. Well, ignoring the blogosphere. Which pretty much has 99% of the internet’s anime reviewers. Hmm… never mind, we also have a review of Koizora. Ascaloth gives his opinion from the unique position of being the only member of the male gender that […]

Us too!

We can’t be just about the only anime site on the internet that hasn’t commented on Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. Today Shadowmage turns in his opinion one of last year’s most popular anime, as well as the slightly less recognized Blood+.

Pi Day!

Yes, the end is in three hours for us Californians, but for those of you who actually stay up to watch this site update, enjoy the official Pi day.  No, I’m not such a hardcore math nerd that I celebrate the undeniably useful 3.1415926… blah blah blah.  It just happens to be the day I […]

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