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Music Review?

We’ve had plenty of anime reviews, a thin but steady flow of live action, but nothing from the accoustic medium. I blame this on the fact that most of here at the NHRV couldn’t possibly write hundreds of words over what is essentially choreographed sound. (We could, but we would either lose readers or our […]

Returning to normalcy…

We have new reviews lined up and ready to go, but for now, we’ll be reposting some of the reviews that blew up during our short predicament.  Kavik Ryx’s VOTOMS: Red Shoulder Document: Roots of Ambition is back up with a new polish. If you can remember the first version, you can probably see how […]

A short interruption of service

I’ve managed to get the site back up after a severe and mysterious error caused it to go haywire (I’m not willing to say we were hacked on the off chance that we weren’t). Expect the forums to be back up soon. In the meantime, could all staffers change their passwords just to be on […]

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