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Takahashi Ryōsuke

While I have only seen a few of his works, I do have fair amount of respect for Takahashi Ryōsuke and his involvement in the real robot genre in the ’80s.  Though not as prominent as let’s say Tomino he’s an important figure that helped shaped the course of the mecha genre if not the […]

Super Sleuth vs. Burning Manliness

In today’s competition between brains and balls, the common trend is bucked as love, anger and sorrow give an explosive beatdown on levelheaded, deus ex machina logic. Read all about it as AC reviews the Death Note offspring movie L: Change The World and Kavik Ryx reviews one of the earlier Gundam incarnation, G Gundam.

New anime?

“New” is such a relative concept though. In this update, we bring you some of the best and worst of the modern anime era. The first, Seirei no Moribito, demonstrates how powerful an anime can be when the advances in art and animation of the modern era are put to proper use. The second, Yumeria, […]

A bit of the ’90s and the 00’s (?)

Today, Sorrow-kun gives us a run down on a recently finished series Da Capo II and Kavik Ryx looks back at a classic thriller Perfect Blue.  Since I’ve seen neither of them, I need to start saving up my pennies for one and… uh… start learning Japanese for the other.

Artistic anime

Not really relevant for the disappointing Genshiken 2, but truly relevant to one of the most artistic and powerful anime we’ve seen recently: Shigurui.  Read what Shadowmage thought of it, but personally I’d have rated it much higher.  I don’t think we’ll disagree though: it’s worth seeing.

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