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Orchestral fanservice

Showing that there is completely no correlation between the reviews we choose to include in an update, here’s two more titles that couldn’t be more different.  On the one hand, Ascaloth reviews the live action version of Nodame Cantabile, while AC takes a peek at a bunch of buxom girls in swimsuits with Umisho.

Still Waiting…

Once upon a time, before I discovered the internet (specifically broadband), I was an avid fan of numerous anime action shows which amounted to about everything on Toonami.  Among those, one of my favorites was Gundam Wing.  Sure, I had no clue what was going on, but I enjoyed the pretty explosions and the stylish […]

Pedo anime

Most pedo anime are crap, there I said it. The titles in this subgenre that I’ve seen are generally devoid of substance and appeal only to those deeply entrenched in the fetish. So I just don’t bother with them anymore. Anyway, here’s a review from someone slightly more open to the subgenre than I am: […]

Finales of the old and new

With the year at a close and numerous anime finished with their run, Sorrow-kun takes up one of the best of them in his review of Higurashi no Naki Koro ni Kai. Kavik Ryx continues his run of classics in his review of Char’s Counterattack. I recommend both of them but make sure you have […]

It’s that time of year again.

The annual tradition continues.  Here’s the article you’ve all been waiting for, our look back at the year that was: 2007: A Year in Review. This is our longest article yet, with the most number of contributors and this year’s list, I dare say, is a contentious one.  Feel free to discuss the article on […]

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