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Swords, Moé and Mecha

While Sorrow-kun may disagree, I think that the moé phenomenon has grown large enough to call it a genre. (For those of you who speak Japanese, I mean the English bastardization of the word, not the literal translation.) The late 70s and 80s saw the massive proliferation of giant robot anime solidifying mecha as a […]

We have a new staff member

Welcome to our latest staffer, Kavik Ryx, who has just recently joined us. Kavik Ryx starts out his career at The Nihon Review by telling us about the underrated Mobile New Century Gundam X. Come to the forums to give Kavik Ryx a warm welcome. Shadowmage also offers a review, giving his opinion on the […]

Shadowmage delivers again

Thanks to Shadowmage for looking after the site in my short absence.  Now he’s got two more quality reviews: Mononoke and Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.  Enjoy.


I have finally begun the long acquisition process of the ARIA The Natural.  It’ll probably take a better part of a year to finish (if ever), but I’m sure the wait will be worth it. For those who have completed the second season, our residential ARIA fanboy, Akira, gives his take on the recently released […]

Second Opinions

It’s December. So long as you don’t mind the cold, it’s also the best month of the year. Thanks to all the holiday spirits, people actually start treating each other like proper human beings. January should fix this, but before then, enjoy the festive air and our two new updates. In an unexpected move, royal […]

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