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Almost Thanksgiving

For all you who live in the States, I’m sure you’re busy packing your bags, prepping your plane tickets and waiting for the Thanksgiving festivities to begin. Thanksgiving is probably one of the greatest holidays, since gives time for families to get together and enjoy a meal under one roof, share the stories of triumph […]

New anime reviews

Today Akira gives a second opinion on School Days, while Shadowmage reviews Rurouni Kenshin: Seisōhen. Enjoy.

At Fall’s close

With numerous anime pouring in this winter season, I’m still conflicted at whether to pick up Shakugan no Shana II, drop Gundam 00 or just watch it all. Regardless, Sorrow-kun and TIF enlighten us on some of the anime of seasons past that have recently come to a close. A while back, I’ve dropped both […]

Clamp angst…

…is what we have on the cards today.  Shadowmage reviews both the X/1999 movie and X TV series.  Enjoy.

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