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Even moar reviews!

The Nihon Review is the gift that keeps on giving.  Give us to your friends and family today!  If you call in the next twenty minutes, we’ll throw in a review of Vision of Escaflowne, written by yours truly, absolutely free.  But that’s not all!  If you charge by credit card, we’ll also throw in […]

Some disappointing news

We have some unfortunately disappointing news today. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Shadowmage has determined that he can no longer contribute reviews to our site, and has tendered his resignation. Although his time with us has been short, Shadowmage’s contribution to this site has been extraordinary. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of anime will […]

Is this anime reviews?

Yes, it is.  Nana deserves much praise, while Air Gear deserves heckles… or at least according to our reviewers.  Check ’em out.

The Nihon Review is like a fashion trend…

…in that if you wait ten years it will be in style again.  Although in this case it’s more like ten days.  Joking aside, Ascaloth has given his opinion on Taiyou no Uta, and it is very different from Akira’s.  Sorrow-kun also chimes in with a review of Hitohira.  Enjoy! (””)(;,,;)(””)

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