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In my experience, the service at Pizza Hut is crap

What does that have to do with reviews? Well, today we have a review of the highly contentious, but highly exciting (Pizza Hut sponsored) Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, as well as a review of the extremely disappointing Sumomomo Momomo.

The Nihon Review goes old-school

That’s right dudes, today we bring you two kickin’ reviews: Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, a highly recommended classic, and Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, which is just… old. So poof up your hair, play some Beastie Boys, kick back and rock on with the latest offerings from your funky friends at […]


A mixed bag today both in quality and medium with a review of the below-par animated series Mahoromatic : Automatic Maiden, and the spellbinding live-action movie Be With You. Take a look.

Welcome to the NHRV… Ascaloth

We have a new reviewer in our midst, someone who a few of our readers may recognize: Ascaloth.  Ascaloth kicks off with an excellent review of the recent live action romance/drama film, Nada Sou Sou.  We also have a review of the famous boxing anime, Fighting Spirit.  Be sure to stop by the forums to […]

It’s your lucky day!

Because you get not one, but two anime reviews of series with a rating of “9”. First up is Maison Ikkoku, somewhat ironically reviewed by Godai. Second, in order only, is Sorrow-kun’s review of Nodame Cantabile. You lucky persons you. (””)(;,,;)(””)

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