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The KKK are coming

As the title says, today I bring you three Ks – the album Kanashimi, by Suneohair, reviewed by royal crown, and Kare Kano, perhaps better known as His and Her Circumstances, reviewed by Godai. Both reviews are guaranteed to be burning cross and miniature coffin free. (””)(;,,;)(””)

Here’s more anime reviews

A couple more anime reviews today, one of the OVA off-shoot of the hilarious otaku slice-of-life anime, Genshiken OVA, and one of the yuri melodrama, Simoun. As per usual… enjoy.

A feast for the senses

Satisfaction for both your audial and visual apparatus today with a review from our newest team-member, Godai, of the excellent RahXephon, as well as a run-down on the slightly mediocre album ULTRA BLUE.

Three new reviews… and a new staff member

That’s right, we have a new reviewer in our midsts, Godai, and his first up review of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is a doozy. We also have reviews of Hataraki Man and Witch Hunter Robin. Be sure to pop by our forums and make Godai feel welcome.

A top rating

Crying out Love, in the Center of the World  has been deemed worthy of a top rating by one of our reviewers, while Fantastic Children is less than “fantastic”, but only slightly.  Check out these reviews, and let them influence your watching habits.

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