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Conflict Anime

The pair of above-average series we have on offer today share only one thing in common: conflict. Well, that and the fact they both have overly long names with five words. Start with the stylish, dramatic fantasy Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora with its excellent musical score, and move on to the strangely comical Mobile Suit Double Zeta […]

Reviews again

Struggling to come up with something interesting to say in this update, I present you with another two additions to our growing database of reviews: Noein – to your other self and Otsuka Ai‘s best-of album, Ai am BEST.  Read well, and don’t forget to stop by our forums, since we’re running an award competition […]

A new review.

Shadowmage has reviewed Kemonozume.  Read it, because I tell you to! (””)(;,,;)(””)

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