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Writing reviews. Serious business.

That’s why we only bring you the finest, and throw out the rest.  A bit like John West.  Here’s two more of our finest reviews: Rumbling Hearts and GARtender, I mean, Bartender.  Enjoy.


If laser-wielding robots bent on the destruction of Earth (or just Japan) are your thing, then you may want to pass on today’s offering: the cute, cuddly Kanon TV series. Shadowmage gives us his very well informed opinion on a show that both looks and sounds great, and also packs a powerful emotional punch.

Of Baseball and Wanderers

Baseball season is in full swing here in the States, and what could be more appropriate for the situation than a review of Battlefield Baseball. Also, we have a review of Planetes, a series that is very special to me, and a personal favorite. Shadowmage likes it too, so it is certainly worth your time […]

Anime reviews a-plenty

Two new anime reviews, one of the visually stunning Pale Cocoon and one of the regrettable Shuffle! Memories.  Enjoy, and we hope you’ve found something entertaining in the new Spring anime season.

Remembering the Titanic

95 years ago today, the most infamous passenger liner ever to set sail collided with an iceberg during her doomed maiden voyage. Spawning a host of movies – most of which were rubbish – and filling e-bay with countless pricey pieces of cutlery and scraps of wood, the “unsinkable” vessel will forever remain one of the ocean’s […]

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