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Yet another update

Another in a continuing line of rapid-fire updates (meaning expect more soon). Today we have a review of shounen action series, Hunter X Hunter, as well as a second, less favourable opinion of Trinity Blood.  Enjoy.

Japan Sinks!

Now that I have your attention, please peruse the following: Japan Sinks by the now homeless Akira. Noir by Shadowmage (haha I’m sooooooo funny). Pumpkin Scissors by Scissor-kut…err Sorrow-kun (okay, I’m really not that funny). That is all. (””)(;,,;)(””)

More success for Japan at the World Championship of Figure Skating

Carrying on in the same vein as our last update, we report more sporting success for Japan: “Japan went one-two in the Ladies event at the World Championship of Figure Skating in Tokyo. Miki Ando became the new Ladies’ Champ with a clean performance and 16 year-old phenom Mao Asada won the silver medal. South […]

A silver medal to Japan at the World Championships of Figure Skating

At the request of one of our alumni, today’s post features news of a recent Japanese sporting success: “Daisuke Takahashi won silver at the 2007 World Championships of Figure Skating with a near-flawless program to “Phantom of the Opera.” He was barely second to France’s Brian Joubert.” In other news, we have two new reviews, […]

Today we bring you a “9”!

Well, sort of, in that 3 + 6 = 9. royal crown has written a second opinion on Initial D. If Initial D was a term paper and royal crown was a teacher, he’d have probably given it a “D”. Shadowmage’s newest review is of the decidedly better Macross Zero. Be sure to check them […]

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