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Welcome to the team… Akira

We have a new music reviewer, and I couldn’t be happer. So, let’s all make Akira feel welcome to the team. Here’s Akira’s first review, a glowing analysis of BoA‘s recent J-pop album, OUTGROW. We also have a review of the J-drama series, Beauty or Beast. So come down to the forums and give a […]

Under the radar

Two new reviews today, including one to signify a (partial) return of our favourite (only) non-anime reviewer, dheu, who serves up a review of the Japanese horror classic, Kwaidan. The other review is of the recent criminally underappreciated shoujo anime, Bokura ga Ita. Enjoy.

The Good, the Bad, and the Musical.

Today we separate the wheat from the chaff with a review of the distinctly average Ray the Animation, followed closely by the excellent BECK – Mongolian Chop Squad – a personal favourite of mine and well worth checking out.

Mushishi reviewed… but still not licensed.

Today, we have a treat for you. As well as a review of the recent visual novel conversion, Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~, we also have a review of Mushishi, an oustanding anime that, not just Kuma, but I as well, urge you to see if you haven’t already. Unfortunately, even after several months of rumour and […]

The Melancholy of Crescent Love…

…is what you’d get if you combined our two new reviews’ titles. Twelve is what you’d get if you combined the grades. Enough of this abominable alchemy; we didn’t publish a review of Fullmetal Alchemist today, but Pachinko gave us her thoughts on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Sorrow-kun apparently hates it when anime […]

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