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Welcome to the NH… RV!

Another reviewer enters our ranks, someone who some of our readers may be quite familiar with: TypicalIdiotFan. TIF treats us today with a review of the highly underrated The Third – Aoi Hitomi no Shoujou. We also have a review of the recent film, Midnight Sun. Enjoy, and feel free to drop by our forums […]

Come one, Come all

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, direct your attention to the Anime page and see Sorrow-kun, the world famous strongman, bash the miserable Kagihime Eikyuu Alice Rondo to tiny bits, and lift the incredible Akagi high above his head for all to see. All this and more, guaranteed to thrill at the Ringu-ling Bros. Bar-none […]

A review and an editorial

We finally have a review of the extremely popular anime, Inuyasha, in our database. Also, Kuma looks at some of the differences between American and Japanese culture in a rather unique fashion in his latest editorial: Japanese and American culture through Shall We Dance.

A new reviewer

We have a new reviewer in our ranks: AC. Let’s all make our latest addition to The Nihon Review staff feel welcome, and we all anticipate a healthy contribution to the site well into the future. Here’s his first of what we are certain will be many reviews on our site: Gankutsuou – The Count […]

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