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Reviews of two very recent anime

Proving that we’re hip, cool and up to date with all in the world of anime, we have reviews of two anime that have had final episodes aired not more than a few weeks ago. In fact, they’re two of the more popular and (in my opinion) unique titles of the year so far: Higurashi […]


It’s an update seasoned with bizarre news from overseas! Today we have a review of the classic Japanese movie Battle Royale, as well as the brilliant Dir en grey album Withering to death. Check them out! And now for something completely different… Tom Cruise, token Hollywood star of The Last Samurai, retains his popularity in […]

Japan and a Few More Episodes?

Today, we induct Interlude and Yakitate! Japan into our growing database. Though both anime may be lackluster in the respective writers’ opinions, their writing itself is far from one-dimensional; not reading both would be to your lost. We’ll be back with more, and you’ll be back for more. Newsbrief JapanToday reports that Kazuhide Uekusa, the […]

Genshiken OVA announced.

We have two new reviews for you today, one of the insipid School Rumble 2nd Term, and one of the amazing film, Eureka. In other news, an OVA for popular otaku sitcom, Genshiken has been announced. Details are sketchy at this stage, with AniDB reporting a 3 OVA series, while ANN reporting a one-off, but […]

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