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Update! Update! Come get your Update!

Today we’ve got a couple of fantastic reviews for you! There’s a review of the live action movie Nana to expand our Live Action section, and a review of the soundtrack Gankutsuou – Classical Compilations to expand our repertoire of excellent OSTs. Check them out!

A quick announcement

Could all patrons in the building begin making their way in a slow and orderly fashion towards these two reviews: Monster Original Soundtrack 2 and Himegoto.  Once there, take your time to enjoy them… and don’t forget to stop by our forums on your way out.  Thank you…

A new section

After careful deliberation, we here at The Nihon Review have decided to discontinue the Games section. Several factors lead to this decision, among which included lack of interest from both our current staff and readers. Never fear, the section will still be available to read, and a link to it will be placed in our […]

The First Profile!

Give a round of applause to dheu for writing our first profile, one on an extremely famous Japanese band, Dir en grey. Look forward for more updates soon!

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