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A Game of Inches

Little League World Series World Championship: Japan vs. Georgia 6 innings of amazing baseball, the two greatest Little League teams of 2006; Kawaguchi City, Japan and Columbus, Georgia, USA. Japan started it off the scoring with a single in the 3rd inning, but Georgia struck back with a 2 round homer. Kawaguchi City never recovered. […]

If You Went to Japan

Kurier’s long awaited report on his experiences in Japan during the last days of June and the first weeks of July is finally ready, finished, done, perfected, just for you guys. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain: read it in our editorial section! Each article is as lengthy as expected, but not a […]

Here’s more anime reviews

Two more anime reviews for you today. Kuma has kind words for Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala, while Pachinko gives Miyuki-chan in Wonderland a spray. Enjoy. Sorrow-kun.


Today we’ve got reviews for you to whet your Japanese appetite with! This time, Seven reviews the anime .hack//SIGN, and Tamashii gets one step closer to finishing a complete library of The Pillows’ reviews with his review of Kool Spice. Check them out! dheu

On the Menu: A Slice of Life

This week, Kuma delights us with an ecstatic review of Fruits Basket. In the meantime, I approve of The Pillows‘ Living Field. Two works of genius in one day. Hard to believe? Tamashii

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