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The Day of the Devil

Sorrow-kun unveils his passion for Urasawa‘s animated favorite, Monster. Read up on his review of the anime (and even the soundtrack, to boot!). Tamashii

Music reviews, this time.

This time it’s dheu’s time to shine. Here’s two more music review from her: Manjo Icchi wa Muko and Ignition. One’s a big recommendation for, and one’s a big recommendation against, so whether you’re new to J-rock or a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to check ’em out. Sorrow-kun.

Here be more reviews

DarkKanti’s been working hard to bring you hot reviews of new anime. Here’s two more: Jyu Oh Sei and REC. Enjoy them while they’re still novel. Sorrow-kun.

Pachinko Strikes!

Alas, Pachinko’s reviews are available to read! Check this out: Howl’s Moving Castle and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Tamashii

Girls, Girls, Girls

Sorrow-kun’s presentation today involves girls. Behold! High School Girls and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! Enjoy :p By the way, Kurie is doing his little interview, so don’t miss him on IRC later this week. More information on the forums! Tamashii

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