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Sitting on the Moon

The Pillows obsessed over the moon a little bit during their “early years”…and to some extent, it was a good thing. Check it out: The Pillows’ 1991 album Moon Gold and their 1992 follow-up, White Incarnation. Tamashii

A shout out from the land of the rising sun!

Konban wa! Boku wa Kenitsu. Hello, this is Kurier. I am here in Japan. I am having an amazing time (but I still miss all of you). I will be back on the 3rd, so expect a full report soon. Oyasumi-nasai ~Kurier

Yaaaay! I made a news post!

Guess what this one is about… that’s right, more reviews. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Here’s Fist of the North Star (1986) and Elfen Lied. Enjoy. Sorrow-kun.

Tama-KUN is back!

What’s up, guys, I’m back from my very, very, very, very, very, very long hiatus, which seemed like a year or like a decade or like a century, but it was a long time. I’ll be serving you batches of reviews from artists like The Pillows and FAKE?, maybe even a little Hikki won’t hurt. […]

We need a mascot…

We do. Because if we had one, it would be much more professional to say “_____ wants you to join the Nihon Review!” than to say “the Nihon Review really needs someone who can write review games.” Because really, we do. It’s been months since anyone has heard from Zirilan (we prank called him tonight […]

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