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A timely update

It may have been a week since our last update, but we’re still writing those reviews like monkeys at typewriters. Here’s three more: Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ and two reviews of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s album, Gou On PROGRESSIVE.

Nickelodeon to try its hand at anime

ICv2 is reporting that US animation giant Nickelodeon is planning on co-producing two anime, one starring the Japanese television icon, Domo-kun, and the other based on an Ira Ishida manga, Akihabara@Deep. More info here.

More reviews!

We love reviews, and we’re sharing the love! We’ve got two new reviews, one of the anime Initial D, and another for 23ji no Ongaku, the soundtrack to a Japanese drama series. Enjoy them as our gift to you to help start your week out on the right foot.

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