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Welcome to the team, Scoot

We have a new staff member in our team: the extremely talented Scoot.  Here’s hoping to a long partnership between yourself and our site, and we all highly anticipate numerous kick-ass reviews from you. Here’s the first:  Shakugan no Shana.

Suddenly, reviews, two of them.

Now, momentarily turn your attention away from the 4chan memes I’ve used in the last two updates and towards the quality anime reviews we have for you today: Mobile Suit Gundam and Steel Angel Kurumi. They are made of WIN and GOLD… OH SHI-!

A reason to celebrate… maybe

So, I heard you like reviews.  Well, here’s two more:  Outlaw Star and Dir en grey’s album, Vulgar.  Read them, eat them or put them up as decorations on a mantlepiece.  Did I also mention they make great gifts for loved ones?


We’re serving up a review of Kagrra’s indie album Ouka Ranman for you today. But we’ve also got something different and exciting: an in-depth exploration of an important facet of Japanese theatrical culture: Noh drama! Be sure to check it out.

Wait no longer

The Japanese Book store Chuosha has announced that a Death Note anime is scheduled to be broadcast this fall. Finally! A good piece of news in this recent dry spell of all things anime. Source: Animenation

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