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Reviews for all

Two new reviews: Hameln and Tekken. You’d best check them out, or else Suzumiya Haruhi will do this! Hmm… that’s not actually a totally bad thing.

Two new reviews

We have two more anime reviews:  Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito and Samurai Champloo. Also, a timely reminder that we have a fairly unique rating system.  You can find a full guide to how our rating system works and what everything means here.  This guide may help you understand how we choose the […]

Yay. It’s Tuesday.

But every day’s a good day when there are reviews to announce!  We have something for everyone this time, with a review of the anime movie Nadia of the Mysterious Seas as well as a review of X Japan’s album Jealousy, a classic of the J-rock scene. They’re guaranteed brighten up your tedious weekdays.  Enjoy! In […]

Extra! Extra! We’ve got updates!

It’s a weekend special!  We’ve got three anime reviews right off the press for you today: Koi Kaze, Hellsing, and Mai-Otome.  Snap ’em up while they’re hot!

What? Again?

We’re spittin’ out reviews like it’s going out of fashion.  Two new reviews:  Neon Genesis Evangelion II for soundtracks and Full Metal Panic! for anime.  Plenty more where that came from. Be sure to check out our forums.  Also be sure to check out the new anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  This gem has […]

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