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Some more good stuf’

What’s up? Here’s to another update! We’ve got a special treat because…yes, you’ve guessed it! We finally resurrect our Soundtrack section! Don’t miss out Kurier‘s Cyberia Mix review! We’ve also got some more tasties: Ichigo Mashimaro, Kino’s Journey: Life Goes On, and Okusama wa Joshikousei. See you again, soon. In other news: Production IG has […]


We have four reviews in: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Morrowind, Shuffle!, and Kakurenbo. Sorry for the long wait! We’re having a lot more coming very soon!

Anime Boston’s Artist Alley is full

All of Anime Boston’s 84 Artist Alley spaces sold out five minutes and twenty-five seconds after becoming available, despite a sixty percent increase in spaces from 2005. Wow, I’m glad the demand for admission to anime cons is so low. /sarcasm Source: Anime News Network

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