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well now

Yes, we do realize that we have failed to update this site in a while. It’s not that we neglect it so much as we each have our own individual excuses. Most of the excuses are frivolous so there really is no reason why the Nihon Review shouldn’t be more active. So, we’re looking for […]

Dir en grey takes America by storm!

FREE-WILL, FREE-WILL America and WARCON bring you the first American tour of Dir en grey, the Dir en grey Showcase Tour. Come see this exciting band live as they travel through America for three showcase lives!! Well, maybe not quite by storm.  “Three showcase lives” aren’t even really a trickle.  But at least it bodes well […]

FMA TCG out today!

Today’s the day! Artificial Human is in stores and you can buy all you want! With over 110 new cards, including a new card type (advantages), new leaders (Alex Louis Armstrong and Shou Tucker), and high-powered level-four leaders, Artificial Human is the most anticipated set to date for the Fullmetal Alchemist TCG! Another way to […]

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OVA announced

AnimeNation, Anime News Network and Moon Phase are all reporting a number of new sequels coming in the Spring Season, the most notable of which is an FMP:TSR OVA entitled “Warito Itoma na Sentai Nagano Ichinichi”, which will follow the everyday misadventures of Tuatha de Danaan captain, Tessa Testarosssa. The OVA is set for release […]

Production I.G Hits JASDAQ

Anime Insider magazine reports: Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell, Dead Leaves, Patlabor) announced late last year that they will become a publicly traded company on the JASDAQ exchance, the Japanese equivalent of America’s high-profile NASDAQ stock service. According to a report filed by Dow Jones, only 1,400 of the 2,500 shares in Production I.G’s […]

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