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We have two new anime reviews for you to enjoy! Full Metal Panic! the Second Raid and Grave of the Fireflies! Be sure to check them out! News time! We are currently in the process of inserting screenshots into our reviews. Only the first few in the anime section have been updated to showcase the […]

Update Complete

You can now sort by format in the Anime section! Hurrah!

Update #1

First off, we are currently adding a feature that enables you [ the users ] to sort your anime reviews by "format." What this means is, you can sort by TV, Movie, or OVA! Incredible! Secondly, a default avatar gallery has been added to the forums! Go check it out! [ The link is up […]

A Few New Reviews

Their are two new reviews up: Azumanga Daoih and Paranoia Agent.  Check them out in our review database. The Nihon Review Application is still up so if any one is intereested in reviewing or editting, click the link and follow the directions.  

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