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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Different works have differing amounts of literary value; that’s a fact of life. And here at the Nihon Review, our team of reviewers give you our regular recommendations of what’s worth watching, what’s less so, and what simply should go on the backburner if it appears on the agenda at all. Of course, there are times when the judgement of a work doesn’t directly correlate with what would be the expected recommendation from the reviewer, and just this time alone, the team has brought us no less than three such cases.

Today, Kavik Ryx recognizes that even the decent quality of the Armored Troopers VOTOMS: The Last Red Shoulder OVA doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, Sorrow-kun opines that 26 Years Diary is still watchable despite a less-than-stellar execution, while Shadowmage points out that even mediocre fanservice shows like Strike Witches can still be an enjoyable watch…. as long as one doesn’t expect too much.

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