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We at The Nihon Review do critical reviews of all media Japanese. Does that make us stiff-necked critics? Perhaps so in many cases, but even the stiffest of us are human enough to enjoy the light fluffy stuff every now and then. We can’t live on a diet of critical masterpieces after all; sometimes it’s the substance-light works that reflect the lighter side of life. Besides, originality really is overrated; it’s all about execution, execution, execution.

Today, Shadowmage has a hoot at the hijinks of The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya (urgh, the Engrish), the in-house gag parody of the 2006 cult hit (1, 2), while Sorrow-kun sighs wistfully at the light yet nostalgic anthology of first love, Hatsukoi Limited (give the man a hug).

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