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Two Shows From Yoshiura Yasuhiro

Though Yoshiura Yasuhiro’s works have gotten plaudits from many viewers, Shadowmage notes that while both Eve no Jikan and Pale Cocoon stand out by virtue of their art and animation, the overall execution leaves him wanting at times, preventing both shows from truly reaching greatness.

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  1. Comment by Sorrow-kun | 2010/01/19 at 00:28:30

    We’ve had two reviews of Eve no Jikan, and I’m amazed that neither of them brought up its use of the shaky camera. I’m more inclined to agree with Fuu than Shadowmage on this one (though I see his point, robots with feelings does demand an inherent amount of suspension of disbelief), but the shaky camera was by far my biggest problem with this anime. It works in live action (though only barely and only in the hands of a good director), but it just doesn’t work in animation. If the intention was to make it feel immersive, it’s counterproductive, since it’s horribly distracting.

  2. Comment by Shadowmage | 2010/01/19 at 00:50:37

    The shaky cam probably didn’t bother me because my sense of immersion was approaching zero. Also, I realized that the director was working with a very limited number of frames so I sympathized with his decision to try to squeeze out an extra ounce of intrigue with what he had.

    As for shaky cam in general, I think that it works quite well for action animation since it adds yet another sense of motion that can work in tandem with what happens on screen.

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