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Zeroes and Heroes

It almost seems appropriate to offer a moment of silence for the end of a long-running harem series with the conclusion of Zero no Tsukaima F, but as Shadowmage tells it, the finale is so bad that the audience is likely bored into silence, anyway. Godspeed, Louise and Saito. Godspeed.

I also have a look at Senki Zesshou Symphogear. It’s not a particularly good series, but its relentless optimism, decent action and occasionally insane story make the series fun to watch if you’re in the correct mindset.

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  1. Comment by Fumoffu!! | 2012/04/16 at 09:24:10

    Doesn’t Kanade sacrifice her life rather than her powers?

    Good review, though I’m surprised that you didn’t mention how ridiculous it got towards the end, what with destroying the moon and all. Having written a review for it myself, I couldn’t help but smile when you referenced the same scene I did to demonstrate the quality of animation at points. That said, my review was more of a rant, and was a bit shit (though it still maintains the top review for the anime on MAL). Don’t you feel you rated a tad generously given how disastrous it was?

  2. Comment by Shinmaru | 2012/04/16 at 12:30:17

    I wanted to avoid spoilers in my review, although that’s maybe a bit silly in retrospect considering how goofy the story is!

    Also I could see how one would think I was generous in my assessment of Symphogear, but my score takes into account Symphogear’s ambitions. In all, it’s a dumb, mostly inoffensive action series. Being any harsher than I was would be mean-spirited, I think.

  3. Comment by stavie33 | 2012/04/18 at 18:07:56

    This is most definitely my favorite review site on the web, and I feel you guys are probably the best critics of anime from a legitimate critical perspective I can find. However I have to ask, how do you choose what anime to review? I’d be curious to see reviews of some fabulous shows and just general classics that aren’t reviewed, but I see lots of reviews for lots of really bad shows popping up quite often.

  4. Comment by Reckoner | 2012/04/19 at 03:02:12

    Hey, if you want us to review something that you think deserves it you could always try asking int his thread:

  5. Comment by Shinmaru | 2012/04/19 at 08:30:38

    We review as much from current seasons as we can, and a fair amount of us often watch a bunch of older shows. I can speak only for myself, but I usually review older series when they invoke a strong reaction in me, positive or negative. Doesn’t matter if they’re well-known or flying under the radar.

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