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Spicy Ladies and Hot Men

2008 was such a good year that it keeps on giving to this day. AC basks in the sex and style of Michiko to Hatchin, which is a gem many are aware of but few are willing to talk about. As for slightly older and (deservingly) more obscure anime, MK unleashes his discontent with reverse harems in his review of Saiunkoku Monogatari.

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  1. Comment by DrIdiot | 2011/02/16 at 16:30:07

    @AC: I agree with pretty much everything you said about Michiko to Hatchin. I had actually started writing a review for it as part of my application (I decided I could not devote the time, however). One thing that stood out to me in particular about the series is how seamless and believable the transition in their relationship felt. I also agree with your stated detractions and overall score. It’s a series I think very few people have even heard about, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it featured here.

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