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Today we’ve got two live action reviews for you: an adaptation of the popular baseball manga, H2 ~ Kimi to itahibi, and the mystery drama A Sleeping Forest which will mentally prepare you for Halloween! Enjoy, and Happy Monday!

And in manga and anime news today:

Three Tokyopop manga series slated to become live action movies.
Tokyopop, well-known North American manga and anime company, has chosen to branch off into theatrical film production with an adaptation of the manga series Lament of the Lamb. Lament of the Lamb is an eerie manga with a (thankfully) unique take on a classic standard of horror plots: the vampire. Two other Tokyopop manga series (Pet Shop of Horrors and the manhwa Priest) are in pre-production for live-action adaptations through other film companies.

For more on this story, read the press release here.

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