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Join The Nihon Review: Staff Contest 2011

This year’s NHRV Staff Contest has now officially started. We’re looking for two new staff members to help us with writing anime and live action reviews and/or contributing to the Behind The Nihon Review blog. Applications will be open until Monday, 7 February, so if you’ve ever contemplated joining the NHRV staff, submit yours today! It will be the best opportunity you’ll have to get on board for the foreseeable future.

What type of person are we looking for?

Each staff contest, our criteria changes slightly depending on our current needs. This year, our requirements can be summed up very simply: we want excellent writers. We’ll accept the best writers who enter, but we also want people who wish to improve and master their own writing ability, through practice, feedback and learning. This time ’round, we’ll be slightly more inclined to take writers who indicate they want to write reviews (of either anime or live action) but we’re always open to accepting skillful writers keen to blog editorials. As always, we want people who are passionate, dedicated and loyal, who want to look past the superficialities of what they watch, and who strive to be understanding and fair.

Reasons to join us.

The Nihon Review is an ever growing review site with a long tradition of writing reviews that are insightful, analytical and fair. Our site and blog are dedicated to sharing our insights on anime and Japanese film and television and otaku culture, and to developing understanding of these fields, both among our readers and our writers. Being part of a friendly team, you’ll constantly have people around who are able to help you out every step of the way, from the writing itself, to the editing and fine-tuning, and promoting your publications. You’ll also have the opportunity to actively take part in discussions and interact with many writers who share a love for the medium, as well as access to Anime Instrumentality Blog at any time of your choosing. There will be minimal in the way of “set up” and you’ll be writing to a moderate yet growing readership. The demands aren’t high. If you can write an average of 4-6 reviews and/or articles each season, that’s ideal.

Why we’re recruiting.

After the success of last year’s staff contest, we intend on making the staff contest an annual event, as well as our primary method of recruitment. We had two resignations at the end of last year. We shall use this year’s staff contest to replace those positions.

How do I apply?

Simply go here and follow the instructions. You may submit a review (400-600 words with a ~100 word synopsis) or an article (500-900 words). You will be gauged on your review/article and your answers to the first two questions… your short essay response will only be considered in line-ball decisions after consulting with you. Email your entry to appl… (Solve the reCAPTCHA to get the full address.) Applications will be open until Monday, 7 February, and the results will be announced soon after that. However, keep an eye on your email in the meantime, as we may try and get in contact with you if you’re in contention. Good luck to everyone who enters.

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