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Boogiepop Chocolate

It’s a brand new day, and with it of course comes brand new reviews! First on the docket is Kaikyaku‘s review of one of the most notable titles of the early 2000s, Boogiepop Phantom. It’s a series that has plenty of good ideas but not enough focus to pull them together into something interesting. Next up is Eternal‘s look at Tokyo Marble Chocolate, an OVA love story that expresses its romantic ideals in a way that differs from the crowd.

We’ve also been busy over at Behind the Nihon Review! Eternal hit up Otakon near the end of July, and he has tales to tell about his interactions with Nonaka Ai, Urobuchi Gen and Hirano Aya! A few of us also got together for a good old-fashioned staff love-in about our thoughts on anime blogs and what appeals to us regarding the sites we love so very much.

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    Tokyo Marble Chocolate is good for me!

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