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Reimagining Excellence

Today we see two different takes on more established shows among anime fans.  The first is the much anticipated Moyashimon Returns, which has the same cast and circumstances as the first season but is presented in a completely different manner.  Sadly, this change doesn’t really turn out for the better.

The second is another offspring of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei‘s original creator, but without the filter of SHAFT. Joshiraku is a story about comedians talking to each other backstage.  The premise may sounds boring at first glance but that’s what everyone thought about seeing yet another high school harem anime back in the day.  Shinbo may have not been involved, but there’s still enough quirkiness for this comedy to have real legs.

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  1. Comment by Metal | 2012/11/25 at 22:54:34

    I’ve been enjoying Joshiraku. Great anime with really funny moments and cute artwork.

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