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Pocket 6s

A pair of “6”s today.  First Shadowmage gets stuck into the twisted arthouse film, Midori, while I’ve found something to appreciate in the relatively mindless Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo.  Enjoy.

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  1. Comment by c0mpl3x | 2008/10/15 at 05:37:57

    I liked your Midori’s review a lot more than your previous ones. I also share the sentiment that there are some anime that just can’t be placed on a rating scale. How does one compare a work like this or Angel’s Egg to an “average”(5/10) show? Simply absurd. Although I have to seriously disagree with “one uptick” or “string of miseries” that implies absence of any sign of Midori’s (and later the magician’s) hope for a better life, which is the main driving force throughout the second and third song (I guess our difference is that LES MISERABLES was too deafening for you, while it helped me appreciate whatever was left of their hope more), it’s awesome to see obscure works like Midori to be up on Nihonreview page now and then.

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