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Off to the movies

Today, AC completes his analysis of the 20th Century Boys movie trilogy with his review of 20th Century Boys 3.

kadian1364 gives a dire warning to anyone who wishes to see an unusually weak Ghibli production, Gedo Senki.

3 Responses to Off to the movies


  1. AC
    Comment by AC | 2010/02/13 at 21:23:15

    Is it me, or is this the shortest blurb yet? Must be the CNY festive lulz…


  2. Comment by Tamashii | 2010/02/14 at 00:40:16

    That bazooka looks hilarious!!!!

  3. AC
    Comment by AC | 2010/02/14 at 05:46:15

    According to the creators of the bazooka in the movie, it’s supposed to be idiot-proof. Ironically, it also made the user look like an idiot.

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